Art Quilt Gallery

Quilting has been around for a long time, but art quilts are a relatively new visual art form, emerging in the past 40 years. As photography was not considered an art form when it first appeared on the scene in the nineteenth century, it has taken this long for art quilts to be an accepted art form rather than being relegated to craft status.

What art quilts have in common with traditional quilts is the structure; three layers—a backing fabric, a middle “batting” fabric, and the top, bound together by stitching. There are as many techniques as there are artists. I keep coming back to several techniques, such as using hand-dyed fabric (from another’s hands as well as mine), digital printing on fabric, painting on fabric, making silk paper and molding it over masks, needlefelting, and intensive stitching.

The Great Sandy Desert

39.25 x 40
January 2010

Commercial and hand-dyed cottons,
machine pieced and quilted

Price: $1,600.00

In the Forest of You

22.75 x 21.75
January 2005

cottons, silk paper

Price: $350.00

Talismen – Talk to the Hand

8.5 x 11
November 2007

Thermofax print, beading, couching, natural-dyed silk,
commercial cotton batiks, paintstik on indigo-dyed cotton.

Price: $150.00

Versailles Fountain

28.25” x 28.25”
April 2011

Commercial cottons, hand-dyed cottons,
digital prints, silk, polyester and nylon fabrics,
machine piecing and quilting.

Price: $800.00