Wearable Art & Ethereal Contemporary Lace

Wearable art is the perfect expression for those that prefer unique and beautiful garments that celebrate the creative process and never go out of style. Life is about choices—why not choose to wear something that is hand-crafted with care by an artist rather than anonymously churned out by the thousands in a factory overseas?

Ethereal Contemporary Lace jackets, vest and scarves, besides adding a bit of color, texture, sparkle and individuality to an ensemble, are airy and lightweight, and yet able to provide a touch of warmth if the weather requires it. Perfect for traveling, they take up so little room when packing for a trip and make a difference when dressing up or just going about your day.

The concept for Ethereal Contemporary Lace came with two things: the Japanese invention of a water-soluble stabilizer with a sticky backing that allowed me to place ribbons, yarns and threads in a distinctive pattern, and the amazing selection of ribbon and yarn available today. By placing another piece of water-soluble “fabric” over the materials on the stabilizer, I sew a grid that holds the materials together. Dissolving the stabilizer then produces the new piece of textile art. With a garment such as a jacket, each piece of the pattern is made this way, and then the newly created fabric is sewn together into the garment. It is very labor-intensive!

My Ethereal Contemporary Lace garments produce little waste in the process of their creation, as all materials that do not become part of a scarf are recycled. The backing paper from the stabilizer (which holds the fibers together as I stitch the grid, holding the scarf together) is recycled and the adhesive on the backing paper is water-soluble, leaving zero waste behind. The odd scraps of thread, yarn, and ribbon used in the scarves are saved and recycled into pieces of fiber-art using free-motion stitching and sheer fabric on top. These new pieces of created fiber are then used in other projects.